Vision / Mission & Goals

Vision Statement:

 We at “SANGAT” envision to foundation of an Educated, Democratic, Peaceful and Civilized society.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of SANGAT is to educate, aware and empower peoples, especially youth and particularly young girls through advocacy, capacity building, and awareness raising activities, so that they could become good & civilized citizens and contribute their part properly for peaceful society. 

Goals/ Objectives:

– To aware, educate and mobilize people especially youth & women for basic human rights, and facilitate marginalized population of the society to search the way of raising voice for humanity trough research, advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building.

  • – To lobby & Advocacy for change in law and practice which will realize equity and economic security for women, youth & minorities, and to work for change in attitudes which will bring about equality of opportunity for women, youth and minorities in education, employment and participation in public and political roles.
  • – To work towards empowerment and improvement of socio-economic and Political status of women and young peoples.
  • – To Promote Social-Democratic values, Justice, Gender Equality, and Peace-building actions.