3rd National Leadership Camp 2017


Balochistan has been the epicenter of some of the most violent political instability during last decade. The situation checks tourists or visitors from other provinces of Pakistan to appreciate the beauty and rich resources in Balochistan. The gap between thinking level of young people from Balochistan and other provinces is everyday increasing. There is a very sharp need to bring people from different parts of Pakistan for solidarity with citizens the Balochistan province. Last year, this idea led us to organize the very first of its kind “National Youth Leadership Camp” in the province of Balochistan.

Last year, when the Prime Minster of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, is looking forward to the execution of the government’s plan for  bringing back the ‘unsatisfied’ Baloch into National mainstream, we want young people from different parts of Pakistan to explore the true traditions of Baloch nationalism through an innovative concept of ‘Experience Balochistan’. The camp is modeled around the idea of providing social immersion to young people for sustainable peace.

At National Youth leadership camp, the participants would be provided with a chance to learn leadership skills and identify opportunities after attending the camp which will be held at the Gadani Beach/Hub, Balochistan coastal line the road to the economic corridor. The reason for organizing such a camp is to identify the youth’s potential and give them exposure to inter-provincial issues and challenges, to facilitate them in bringing a positive change in the country.

The Objectives and Aims of the Camp are to:

  • provide an opportunity to youth to explore the rich environment of Balochistan and initiate new entrepreneurial avenues in the province
  • further the knowledge and skillset of young people in Balochistan by offering them a platform to interact with like-minded young people from other parts of Pakistan
  • discuss the challenges of today and generate new ideas for promotion of peace, nonviolence and democratic values in Balochistan
  • experience  Balochistan from the Gadani beach/ hub costal line the road to economic corridor, along with its political, religious, social-economic and cultural diversity to young people, the participants would have a chance to visit Gadani beach, Ship breaking yard and surroundings. 
  • celebrate the diversity in Pakistan and launch of a new pluralism campaign for the promotion of national integrity, respect, acceptability, and cooperation.

Experience Balochistan

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan, comprising 44% of the country’s land mass. It traces its history from times immemorial when it was inhabited by Stone Age hunters.

The capital city of Balochistan, Quetta, is an important cultural center in the region with its diverse landmarks; the port of city of Gwadar is a quickly developing town that aims to serve as a nucleus for a new age of duty free trading and shipping. The desert safari of Taftan, the ferry service of Pasni, the parks in Chaman, open recreation spots in Jiwani and Ormara, coniferous forests in Ziarat and the hotels and restaurants in Zarghoon provide a diverse blend to the tourist experience in Balochistan. Sibi festival that traces its roots to Mehergar, an archeological site of ancient human civilization, has potential to inspire millions while Buzkashi, which is a sports fiesta celebrated on horse-back by two teams that use their skills to snatch a goat from the each other, can engage peoples’ interests in traditional games.

But people never sense the truth, unseen reality, and richness of a place unless it’s experienced by them. Despite the fact that Balochistan is notorious for accepting outsiders, Social Sangat plans for a paradigm shift. Our vision is to expose our real hospitable-face to the people of Pakistan in general and global audience in special. Balochistan indeed offers the most gracile learning experience of a lifetime.

And in times when Pakistan is heading towards a grand Economic Corridor, we want to help build up a cultural excursion and tourism industry for Balochistan so the benefits of the economic mobility can be delivered to the local population of Balochistan at maximum.

As part of Experience Balochistan,

  • young people from different parts of Pakistan would be briefed about the history of Balochistan
  • an exposure visit to a historic/vacation site would be offered
  • the participating young people would pledge to help and promote the touristic beauty of Balochistan among their social circles

Who can participate:

The audience for the camp would be from diverse background and a solid composition of youth from different parts of Pakistan

  • between the age bracket of 15 and 29 years of age
  • in procession of a valid proof of identity for ensuring security measures
  • ready to contribute to the total expenses of the event
  • eager to bear own travel expenses to and from Hub, Balochistan
  • willing to accept diversity, learn more and share their knowledge

Contribution from Participants: Rs. 5000/PKR

And it would include:

  • Participation in 3 days ‘Leadership Camp’
  • 2 Nights’ stay in Hub/Gwadar, Balochistan
  • 2 Days’ meals including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Event material, Certificate of participation
  • Exposure visit under ‘Experience Balochistan’ program to Gadani beach/Hub coastal line and surroundings.

Dates to remember: 

Deadline Online Application for Participation: 21 January 2017 

First list of Participants: 23 Jan 2017 

Deadline for Fee Payment: 30 Jan 2017 

Second list of Participants: 31 Jan 2017

Final Deadline for Fee payment: 05 Feb 2017

Final list of confirmed participants: 06 Feb, 2017 

Arrival of Participants at Hub, Balochistan: 13 Feb 2017

NLC event dates: 13-15 Feb 2017


Application closed now for NLC17.

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