National Leadership Council

National Leadership Council forms during the first National leadership Camp 2015, in Quetta, Balochistan.


To serve for enhancing youth participation in issues relating to governance, volunteerism, humanitarian affairs, peace building and promotion of democratic values in Pakistan


To promote the active involvement and participation of youth in Africa in leadership, governance, community development and policy formulation processes by empowering young.

Main Objectives:

  • – To strengthen peace, conflict resolution, healing and reconciliation and integration process of youth through networking, information sharing, and youth exchanges.
  • – To develop and reinforce youth participation in national and regional development strategies and in the improvement of young people’s quality of life as well as development.
  • – To provide a platform for dialogue, debate and consultation between youth organizations, regional youth networks, partners and government bodies on issues relating youth, peace-building and democracy.
  • – To develop, coordinate and promote research, documentation, learning and sharing of best practices between and among youth councils and networks

The NLC (National Leadership Council) aims to promote youth involvement and participation in leadership, planning, governance and decision making at all levels to encourage continuity of service delivery to address community vulnerability and suffering. Moreover, youth involvement to the governance agenda will ensure governance issues are relevant and accessible to them.

The NLC aims to promote international friendship and understanding among young people through involvement in youth activities and promotion of the humanitarian spirit. NLC will mobilize youth to redirect their energies and advocate for their rightful participation in the transformation of their governance systems.

The NLC will organize and host activities such as:

  • – Annual National conferences, regional exchange camps, meetings, seminars, bringing representatives from different youth councils and networks around Pakistan.
  • – Training for young leaders through training courses and internships, in order to strengthen youth organizational capacities.
  • – Coordination and support of international campaigns and actions on peace-building, youth participation, governance and development issues
  • – Joint thematic campaigns, presence at important events, representation of voluntary service movement, contributions to publications on voluntary service

Suggested Structure for National Leadership Council:

  • Central Committee (CC) having 15 Members (preferably equal participation from all provinces and territories)

2 members from each province, Balochistan, Sindh, KPK, Punjab (8)

2 member from each territory) Gilgit, FATA, AJK (6)

1 member from ICT (Islamabad capital territory) (1)

  • Provincial Committees (all four provinces and territories) 15 Members in each PC
  • District Committees:
  • Local Leaders Committees:


To maintain its presence in Pakistan, the NLC will develop a website that will facilitate sharing of information among the various youth networks and with other youth. The NLC will also maintain its presence among the youth through the available social networks such as Facebook and Twitter where it will promote information sharing, open discussion on various topics covering the themes of the NLC. The NLC will also produce publications such as:  Electronic newsletter (Quarterly or bi-annually)


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