Social Sangat Balochistan

SOCIAL SANGAT BALOCHISTAN is a right based non‐governmental non‐profit, nonreligious registered youth-led organization based in Balochistan. It was formed by a group of committed young professional activists in 2007 and got registered in 2009 under the Social Welfare registration and control ordinance with Government of Balochistan (Pakistan).

Social Sangat is a group of dedicated & energetic young professionals, with a belief that they are responsible for a better future of the Nation. Sangat aims to make Balochistan a progressive, Democratic and a Peaceful place by empowering its youth, educating the communities and by promoting the democratic values.

Social Sangat opposes all forms of discrimination and respects the rights and dignity of the people, regardless of ethnic, social, religious or political differences. We believe that we have born to fight against ignorance and injustice.